T’is the Season for Collectors to get themselves a special gift?

T’is the season for fun, festivities, family and friends!

This time of year it is said many times over how commercialized Christmas has become. Invariably we purchase gifts that are opened, used and then forgotten.

Not so the case with the collector. Collectors understand and appreciate the physical and emotional value of a gift added to their collection. Collectors also recognize how rewarding and enjoyable it is to begin a new collection.

Whether it is a pine cone covered in sprinkles crafted by a little one at school or a beautiful leather bound first edition, it is the thought that counts. When it is given or received a thoughtful gift is by far the best gift. When time and thought are given to acquiring the ‘perfect’ gift for someone we care about, there is no greater gift than seeing the joy in the face of the recipient and the warmth one feels for having made someone so happy.

Buying for the special collector in one’s life can be very simple or incredibly difficult.  I can and would like to help you find the right gift for your special person. Let’s not forget, even Santa has his own little helpers. The following are a few ideas that may be just the right gift for the collector in your life be it a friend, a loved one, a business associate or maybe you deserve something special under the tree this year. This would be a good opportunity to start that little pine cone artist collecting with a gift of a piece of history. As you place that pine cone covered in gluey sprinkles on the tree every year with warm thoughts of the little hands that made it for you, so too shall that new collector look at the gift chosen for them and shall remember you always for your thoughtfulness.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Julia and I would like to extend our sincere best wishes to you and yours for  a safe and most happy holiday season.

So let’s get ‘shopping’

All of these items may be viewed and purchased online at our LDRB web site by clicking the specific title of one of the e-categories listed below; As a token of our best wishes for T’is the season, any item(s) purchased  before the end of this December, 2014 shall be discounted by 20% (net to all). Please call me at 905 680-8115 or email me to confirm your order BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2014. Subject to prior sale.

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Article written by Duncan McLaren (duncan@LDRB.ca) and then edited and greatly improved by Julia McLaren, The Lord Durham Report editor (julia@LDRB.ca )

© text Lord Durham Rare Books, all rights reserved.

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