The Lord Durham Report – It’s reason for being

The Lord Durham Report (LDR) – It’s reason for being

Hear ye! Hear ye! Presenting the “Lord Durham Report”… well, sort of. This is the first version of our “newsletter” called “The Lord Durham Report” (LDR) which highlights our company name, Lord Durham Rare Books. The company was named after the town in Ontario where we lived, and the newsletter itself is a slight tongue-in-cheek reference to one of Canada’s most significant historical documents– the “Durham Report,” published in 1839.

Je_me_souviens_(Jardinage)As significant as this document was, it is relatively unknown to many Canadians today except perhaps amongst the Francophone population. “Je me souviens”.

The LDR is aimed at collectors (private, institutional and library) and will offer interesting stories, perspectives and include a few selected items from our inventory integrated in the content. The goal is to entertain the reader, to gain your interest and have you anxiously checking your mailbox in eager anticipation for the next issue.

As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”  The two heads are those of myself, Duncan, and of my wife and partner, Julia. I am more the “left brain” and Julia is most assuredly the “right side” of this equation— which only confirms another adage, “opposites do attract.” What this personality difference means is that our newsletter will be more stimulating with these two different points-of-view. There is no question that Julia’s wit and light-hearted banter will inject some entertainment and fun into each issue.right_left_brain2

Content is “king” for any social media to be successful and that is particularly the case with a newsletter. We will make every effort to keep the content relevant, focused and of interest for collectors. We will encourage participation by asking collectors to contribute  to the ‘report’ by sharing stories of  their own collecting experiences. Part of the reason for the LDR is to stay in touch with collectors and yes of course include a few selected items available for purchase however, we will not present this in a “catalogue” format. In fact, there is a section on our web site clarifying why we do not publish “traditional” catalogues since we started.

Newsletters are designed in a “template” format and content is placed into that template. Our template provides a Table of Contents at the top left and each issue with have the subjects highlighted . The  subjects or content is not rigid although we will focus on at least one author in each newsletter. We wish to keep our content options open in order to appeal to .a greater number of collectors and their interests.  For example, one subject I think may be of high interest is “finding a WANT” which is  a universal connection all collectors have in common. Someone once said (probably a book dealer) “If you are not buying you are not collecting” A little sharp but a truth none the less. Another will be Collectors asked to share one of their collection stories and focus. Collectors are by nature generally inward as collecting is a very personal hobby or business in the case of Institutional collectors but when asked, the story is always most interesting.

There will be other other topics  including newsy little bits such as the experiences at a Book Fair or a Show, the perils of ordering a book-on-line, the good, the bad and the ugly, Trading a book for a book, etc.


 What do you think?

bigstock_A_person_thinks_of_the_word_Op_22445237The single most important measurement of our success with the LDR is obtaining feedback, thoughts and comments for you, the collector.

This is one of the reasons why we have elected to integrate our Newsletter with our new Blog. The content in the LDR is just the tip of the collecting engagement we hope to achieve. YOUR OPINION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE LDR.

It is our hope you will be willing  to participate in providing your thoughts, comments suggestions, points-of-view and opinions. Take a few second NOW and tell us what you think of this article.
Add your comments below, send Julia and or Duncan an email. Care ‘n Share.

Julia McLaren

Duncan McLaren

© text Lord Durham Rare Books, all rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “The Lord Durham Report – It’s reason for being

  1. I look forward to following the LDR and, hopefully, engaging in some useful discussion regarding its content. Keith

  2. How lovely to be able to read not just the interesting articles here (especially today the one by book collector Narhi, but to discover ‘old friends’ listening in —I am referring to Chris Raible who I am acquainted with through long years with the Ont. Genealogical Society, and occasional book-buying myself.

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