This ancient map hangs in the Gillinghan, Dorset Museum and shows the hamlet of Bengervill, which  is now the Benjafield farm

Eclectic Collecting

 Eclectic Collecting

Genealogists are collectors. While most people think that genealogists collect family trees and pedigree charts, I can attest that they collect a wide range of materials as well as the above. Collections can include books, maps, certificates of vital statistics, and much more. As an avid genealogist/self-appointed family historian ages, my collection of books includes not just genealogical how-to-guides, but very specific collections of any books on a specific locale or county in the U.K., from which most of my own ancestry derives (Welsh, Scottish, English, admittedly a sprinkling of Irish.) Contine reading


I am a collector and I am proud of it.

I am a collector and I am proud of it.  I rummage through the tiniest of thrift and charity shops hoping to find that one piece that feeds my thrill of the hunt, satisfies that craving to eschew the assembly-line, every-day shops, while I repeat the Latin words, sui generis – occasionally and when most needed – in my mind.

Did I also mention that I frequently stand back and wonder where the line is drawn between collecting and that ghastly term, hoarding? Contine reading