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19th century and earlier newspapers

Back in the good old days when I started collecting, my focus for the most part was on materials pertaining to specific subjects. If I discovered an item that fit the criteria of my subject matter then it would be scooped up and added to the collection. As a result my collections contained a multitude of rare and fine books, photos, manuscripts, prints and newspapers. It had never been my intention to collect newspapers as they were just not on my collection ‘radar’ .  There always seemed to be too many books to look at and choose from that newspapers just didn’t attract my attention. The fact is however, I was collecting newspapers or magazines but did not see them as such but rather elements of my growing collection. Contine reading


Your price is too low!

Your price is too low!

On a rare occasion, a collector will discover an  item of interest and find that it is being offered at a price lower than expected. BONUS! What a deal!

There are a number of reason for an item to be offered at sale at lower than the ‘going rate’. The seller may through their own ignorance, lack of research, unfamiliarity with the product, downsizing, may not realize they are ‘taking a hit’ on the item or they may just wish to get it out of their inventory and are prepared to take the hit. Contine reading


Collect “The Best You Can Afford” and one more thought…

Professional antiquarian dealers have advised probably forever to “collect the best you can afford” in your area of interest and focus. This is true for all collectors, Private, Libraries and Institutional however the B word (as in budget) always seems to curtail this wise advice. Another barrier is dependent on the stage the collector is at and how long they have been collecting. People newer to collecting often collect items they like without a focus of investment. So budget and experience are some common realities and barriers to this wise collect the best you can advice. Most do the best they can,  to improve  collections (condition, provenance, edition) and  upgrade to a much better item as budget and experience allows. Contine reading


T’is the Season for Collectors to get themselves a special gift?

T’is the season for fun, festivities, family and friends!

This time of year it is said many times over how commercialized Christmas has become. Invariably we purchase gifts that are opened, used and then forgotten.

Not so the case with the collector. Collectors understand and appreciate the physical and emotional value of a gift added to their collection. Collectors also recognize how rewarding and enjoyable it is to begin a new collection.

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Breaking the Collecting Focus Rule

Breaking the Collecting Focus Rule

It is a long held belief that a collector should find a focus of the collection and then obtain items within that focus. That is absolutely true. So the question is what does Joseph ‘Joe’ Patrick Kennedy Sr. and Francis Charles Jenkins have to do with my early Canadiana focus?  Nothing though in spite of the good advice previously shared I chose to purchase an item related to each of these American gentlemen. Why? As a collector, I felt the “stories” that accompanied each of these items  very special, interesting to me and thus I wished to own them.

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A Collector’s Story – Breaking the condition rule.

Collecting Lord Nelson and Emma Hamilton

In the beginning, I was a collector.

My collection reflected my interest in military strategy as initially I collected Civil War books, notes, maps etc. About the same time Julia and I were working on rebranding McLaren Marketing and in doing so I came across the famous depiction of Napoleon on horseback ascending the alps. This fine piece of work was used in the rebranding and combined with my keen interest in the strategy of war and marketing led me to become fascinated with Napoleon.

Julia, who hails from the West Midlands of England pointed out that “there was another side in that war you know and they won, why don’t you collect Nelson?”

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The Lord Durham Report – It’s reason for being

The Lord Durham Report (LDR) – It’s reason for being

Hear ye! Hear ye! Presenting the “Lord Durham Report”… well, sort of. This is the first version of our “newsletter” called “The Lord Durham Report” (LDR) which highlights our company name, Lord Durham Rare Books. The company was named after the town in Ontario where we lived, and the newsletter itself is a slight tongue-in-cheek reference to one of Canada’s most significant historical documents– the “Durham Report,” published in 1839.

Je_me_souviens_(Jardinage)As significant as this document was, it is relatively unknown to many Canadians today except perhaps amongst the Francophone population. “Je me souviens”.

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