Your price is too low!

Your price is too low!

On a rare occasion, a collector will discover an  item of interest and find that it is being offered at a price lower than expected. BONUS! What a deal!

There are a number of reason for an item to be offered at sale at lower than the ‘going rate’. The seller may through their own ignorance, lack of research, unfamiliarity with the product, downsizing, may not realize they are ‘taking a hit’ on the item or they may just wish to get it out of their inventory and are prepared to take the hit. Contine reading


Skirting the Issue of ‘passing’

What makes a good man? According to history, on numerous occasions, a woman.

As early as ‘Antiquity’ it is told that a Greek woman by the name of Epopole of Carystus dressed as a man joined the Greek army during the Trojan War.

Of course one of the most famous examples of a woman taking on the appearance of a man in order to fight an enemy is Joan of Arc who led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years’ War and ultimately burned at the stake in 1431 for her troubles. Contine reading


A result of nature, nurture or a combination…

Women have felt victims of inequality with men for centuries often blaming men for lack of income, prestige, and success and yet it is due to the efforts of a number of men that women have realized many freedoms and rights. Frederick Douglas, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Alan Alda, Patrick Stewart, T.C. Norris, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence are a few of the men that have stood up for and with women as equals.

John Stuart Mill also was one of these men but he based his theory on a belief that we are all equal, if we so choose to be. Contine reading