I am a collector and I am proud of it.

I am a collector and I am proud of it.  I rummage through the tiniest of thrift and charity shops hoping to find that one piece that feeds my thrill of the hunt, satisfies that craving to eschew the assembly-line, every-day shops, while I repeat the Latin words, sui generis – occasionally and when most needed – in my mind.

Did I also mention that I frequently stand back and wonder where the line is drawn between collecting and that ghastly term, hoarding? Contine reading


What a Guy

Sir Guy Carleton

First Baron of Dorchester

For a guy that had such an incredible impact of the history of Canada there is not a great deal of information about Sir Guy Carleton, the man. It is due in large part to Sir Guy that we are Canadians celebrating July 1st and not Americans celebrating July 4th.

Guy Carleton was born on Sept. 3, 1724, into a distinguished Irish family at Strabane in Tyrone County, Ireland. To all intents and purposes it would appear his upbringing was much like the average guy. Considering the extent of his knowledge and ability to strategize it is interesting to note that his exposure to formal education was fairly limited. Contine reading